Transcripts / Student Records

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    Requesting Student Records

    Current and former Norfolk Public Schools students may obtain copies of their education and/or health records by following the procedures for requesting records.  A transcript is the only verification of education/graduation that we can provide, because diplomas are not kept as part of the permanent record.  Our office is currently closed to the general public; therefore, records cannot be picked up and will be sent out electronically using the new Scribbles platform.

    In accordance with federal and state laws, the school division maintains students’ permanent academic records containing the name, address, phone number, grades, attendance records and year of graduation or withdrawal for 75 years.  Additionally, in accordance with federal and state laws, special education records are maintained for 5 years after a student withdraws or graduates. 

    Special Education Records

    Special Education records may include the Individualized Education Program (IEP), psychological assessments, social histories, triennial evaluations, eligibility review meeting notes and any other documents related to the eligibility review process for special education services.  Please contact the last school of attendance for all special education records.

    Former Students within the last 4 years

    If you graduated or attended Norfolk Public Schools within the last 4 years, please CLICK on the first link to obtain necessary records.  Complete the request form and forward it to the last school attended by either mail or fax.  There is no fee for these requests.

    Former Students PRIOR to the last 4 years

    If you graduated or attended Norfolk Public Schools more than 4 years ago, you may submit record requests on the Scribbles web site by clicking on the second link on the next page.    There are minimum fees for these services.

    All third-party verifications, such as post-secondary education institutions or corporation/government agencies, may also request student records on the Scribbles website. 


    Please allow a minimum of 14 business days to process all requests.

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