Strategic Plan Development Overview

  • Norfolk Public Schools (NPS) has begun the process of developing its next strategic plan that will outline the District’s top priorities over the next 5 years. This plan will combine the lessons learned outlined in the Drive for Five, data collected from the past 3 years and feedback from the students, parents, staff and the surrounding Norfolk community stakeholders.

    The strategic plan will be used as a way to hold the superintendent accountable to the outcomes for NPS students. The Board will review progress towards outlined goals on a regular basis to ensure implemented strategies are effective.

    As always, NPS district leadership believes in partnering with our key stakeholders. We invite the Norfolk community to stay engaged throughout the process by attending community events and providing feedback when asked. All of the resources utilized to create the strategic plan can be accessed here so that students, NPS staff, parents, community members can follow along with the process. We hope that you will come back here often to see updates and provide any feedback.

    Norfolk Public Schools invites stakeholders to join us at the first of our community planning events to discuss where we are now and where we plan to go. Click the links below to sign up.

    Wednesday, October 27 @ 6:30 -

    Thursday, October 28 @ 10:00 -

    Thursday, October 28 @ 6:30 -

    The development of the strategic plan will occur over the next few months. An internal Strategic Planning Steering Committee, representing multiple departments within the division, will consistently meet to analyze data, lead community engagement, and review stakeholder feedback. They will use this information to develop goals, strategies and the measurable outcomes of the strategic plan.