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    Our Vision

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    The vision of NPS Literacy is to facilitate strategic, authentic, and engaging literacy instruction in order to develop college and career ready learners who are able to read, write, communicate, and think critically in a global society. 




    Our Mission

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    Every student will read, write, communicate, and think critically in every classroom, in every school, everyday - no exceptions
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    NPS Literacy Promises To...

    1. Provide an equitable, systematic, and evidence-based literacy curriculum to ensure every student experiences high quality core literacy instruction.
    2. Deliver explicit, data-driven, differentiated reading and writing instruction, rooted in evidence-based research, throughout the entire literacy block.
    3. Administer screening and progress monitoring assessments to identify students who do not meet literacy benchmarks.
    4. Deliver additional evidence-based instruction and intervention for students who do not meet literacy benchmarks.
    5. Provide families with access to free online evidence-based literacy instruction resources to support their child's literacy development at home.
    6. Build a community of readers, writers, communicators, and critical thinkers. 
    7. Provide professional development in evidence-based literacy instruction to teachers, reading specialists, and principals.



    • Promote an equitable, systematic literacy framework as the foundation of a successful reading and writing program. 

    • Foster a rigorous curriculum that ensures every student experiences high quality literacy instruction.

    • Deliver explicit, data-driven, differentiated reading and writing instruction that is rooted in scientific research.


    • Motivate students by building relationships and making reading and writing personally meaningful.

    • Facilitate learning experiences that honor diversity and reflect culturally relevant instruction through reading, writing, and research.

    • Challenge students with complex, diverse texts that engage minds, capture attention, and evoke emotions.  


    • Cultivate classrooms where students are actively engaged in reading and writing.

    • Utilize authentic tasks, student choice, and collaboration as keys to active engagement.

    • Provide learning experiences where students read, write, communicate, and think critically in every classroom, in every school, everyday - no exceptions.

    Purpose: Student Excellence

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    NPS Strategic Plan: Student Excellence

    Create authentic and culturally relevant learning experiences so that each student will be a creative, collaborative, civic-minded, critical thinker with effective communication skills. 

    Measurable Growth Goals Over Time

    • Increase the percentage of students reading on grade level by the third grade as measured by the fall growth level.

    • Increase the percentage of students passing the reading SOL tests.

    • Increase the percentage of students who pass an Advanced Placement (3 or higher) exam; pass an International Baccalaureate (4 or higher) exam; successfully complete a Dual Enrollment class (C or higher); or earn an industry certification by graduation 


    PALS data chart

    2015- 2023 PALS Data
    2020 PALS Not Assessed
    SOL Data chart
    2018-2023 Reading SOL  Data
    3-8 and EOC
    Red lines represent school years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 where no comparable data were available.

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