Find A Bus Stop

  • Due to technical difficulties, the e-link is not always accessible.
    Please continue to check the e-link for your students' information.

    Norfolk Public Schools uses an online system called e-Link to manage school bus transportation. The system allows families to find information regarding their children's zoned schools and bus stops, if the students are eligible for bus transportation. If you have not yet registered/enrolled with your child’s school, please note: Transportation arrangements may be delayed beyond the start of school for students who register after March 1st.

    *** PLEASE NOTEBus stops can change from school year to school year as the NPS Transportation Department works continuously to improve efficiency and service for students. Please check your stops prior to the beginning of each school year in case of changes.

    Bus pick-up and drop-off times are approximate and can vary due to factors outside bus drivers' control, such as traffic and weather. We encourage students to arrive at bus stops five minutes before the pick-up time listed. 

    NPS website

    *For Parents or For Students

    *Find Your Bus Stop


    1. Click on the link below.
    2. Log in with the user name Students ID# and password. (Students date of birth in 8-digits with no dashes. Ex: 01012021)
    3. You will see a dark gray line across the top of the screen.  At the left side of this dark gray line you will see “students”.  Hover over “students” and scroll down and over “View My Student” then click “View My Student”.
    4. Students name should appear.  You will then click on your students name and the bus stop information should appear.
    5. If you use this online routing system and still have questions about your child’s transportation, please contact your child’s school.

     Click here to access the system

    To find your child’s student ID number: 
    1. Login to ParentVue
    2. Click on your child’s name.  This will access the modules list.
    3. Click on Student Info.  Your child’s Student ID is in the field named Perm ID.   
    4. If you have multiple children in Norfolk Public Schools, click the Navigation button in the upper left corner of the screen.  Then click Student List in the upper left corner of the screen.  This will return you to the screen with the list of your children.  Return to Step 2 above.