Music Education

  • The goal of music education is to empower students to experience music as a source of personal enrichment, as a vehicle for the constructive expression of human emotions, and as a unique intellectual discipline. This goal is attained through a structured, sequential program of study. Students develop an intellectual understanding of music through experiences in singing, moving, listening, and playing instruments. They learn to read and notate music, and to create and perform compositions that transcribe their thoughts and emotions into concrete, music forms of expression. Students exercise their critical thinking skills by investigating and analyzing all facets of the music discipline, employing both traditional modes of instruction and the latest technological advancements. Through active involvement in music throughout the public school years, students build a foundation for a lifetime of participation in and enjoyment of music.

    Highlights of the NPS music program include participation in local, state and national performances and competitions throughout each school year. The NPS Strolling Silver Strings is a joint program of the NPS Music Education and Academic Rigor offices. Members of the Strolling Silver Strings are students from the five Norfolk High Schools, and the ensemble averages 60 performances per year. The NPS All-City Jazz Ensemble features students from Norfolk high schools and multiple performances throughout each year.

Contact Information

  • Zachary Rooksby
    Senior Coordinator

    Rosemont Center
    7000 W. Tanners Creek Rd.
    Norfolk, VA 23513

    Phone: (757) 852-4674 - Option 7
    Fax: (757) 852-4677

    Office Hours 
    Monday - Friday
    8:00am - 4:30pm

    NPS All City Jazz Band
    Mrs. Jillian Kane, Director

    NPS Strolling Silver Strings
    Mr. Jay Larkin
    (757)451-4110 Extension 1066