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    The Director of Public Safety and Security is responsible for overseeing district-wide safety and security matters and crisis management. The director also serves as the public safety liaison between Norfolk Public Schools and the Norfolk Police Department, Norfolk Fire-Rescue, City of Norfolk Emergency Management and the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office, along with other public safety agencies. For questions or requests, please contact the Safety and Security Office at 757-628-3931. In case of emergencies, please call 911.

    Public Safety involves protecting people from crimes, disasters, and other potential dangers and threats. Public safety is the dedicated responsibility of certain government organizations and local departments, including police departments, emergency management offices, fire and rescue departments, parole offices, sheriff's offices, and more. No matter the role, the primary goal of public safety professionals is to prevent danger and to protect the wellbeing of citizens, communities, and organizations. Norfolk Public Schools works closely with our community partners to provide a safer school environment for our students, teachers, staff, and visitors. PLEASE CALL OUR SAFETY HOTLINE TO PREVENT AN EVENT! If you see something, say something. Call 757-255-7461 or email 2110@alert1.us. For more on Vector Alert, click: https://nps-va.safeschoolsalert.com/

Norfolk Public Schools Safety Plan

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Parents and School Emergencies

  • What is an Emergency?

    An emergency is an unexpected incident that could possibly put your child's safety at risk. It could be anything from a disruption in utilities to a active threat situation. This situation could impact one child, one school or the entire school district. School officials and sometimes emergency responders will evaluate the seriousness of each situation and determine the best action to respond safely, quickly with an appropriate response.

    Preplanning and preparation can minimize the risk in any emergency situation. This section will provide parents with information on what to do and what the school will do in the event of an emergency.

    Preparedness - What Should Parents do to Prepare for an Emergency?

    In a school emergency, the first instinct as a parent is to pick up the telephone and start calling the school or rush up to the school and get your child/children.

    • Please do not call the school since they will be busy managing the incident.
    • Please do not go to the school unless instructed. Traffic jams impede the movement of emergency vehicles.
    • Your child may be moved to a reunification site away from the school.

    Parents you have an important role in preparing your child for emergencies. Please see the following list on how you can help:

    • Keep emergency contact information current. Notify your child's school if your phone numbers for home, work, or cellphone change.
    • Keep your child's medical information updated with the school nurse.
    • Keep authorized person list for student pick-up current. Your child will not be released to individuals not on the AUTHORIZED LIST.
    • Make sure your child knows their parent and/or guardian's name, address and phone numbers.
    • Talk to your child about the importance of remaining calm and following instructions during an emergency event.
    • Explain that cell-phones should not be used during an emergency unless directed to do so. Cell-phone circuits may become overloaded.

Protective Measures

      A lockdown takes place if an internal or external threat is identified at the school. All school doors are locked and students are confined to classrooms. No entry into or exit from the school will be allowed until an "all-clear" announcement. Students will not be released during a lockdown.
      Sheltering in place procedures are considered when an event takes place outside of the school and school officials determine this is the safest action to protect students and staff from hazardous materials or severe weather event.
      If it is unsafe for students and staff to remain in the building, the school will be evacuated. Students and staff will evacuate to an assigned assembly area on school grounds until an all-clear is given to re-enter the building. In some cases students could be relocated to an evacuation site off campus.
      Students and staff are moved off-site to a designated location when school officials determine students and staff should not re-enter the building. Off site locations are determined in advance. Parents/Guardians will be notified by school officials of the reunification site. Students will ONLY be released to parents and guardians that are authorized. You will need to have a picture ID such as a driver's license, passport or military ID.

Emergency Communications

  • The school district will notify through a variety of methods with complete and accurate information.

School Resource Officers Memorandum of Understanding

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