Faith based

Faith Based Partnerships

  • Purpose
    Faith based partners work together with Norfolk Public Schools to maximize resources and relationships that foster growth and success for all students.

    Partnership Benefits
    Educating and raising the next generation is a shared responsibility.  When schools and faith based organizations collaborate, students find more success and the entire community benefits.  This partnership provides opportunities for community outreach, promotes generosity, and encourages membership engagement while providing students with invaluable skills to build value-based character so they may become positive role models in our community,

    How to Get Involved
    Norfolk Public Schools has identified five goals, known as Drive for Five, that will support equity and excellence for all of our students, no matter what.  Goal#4 states that we will be more purposeful and strategic in developing and sustaining effective partnerships with our families and other community stakeholders.

    Ideas for Working Together

    Become A Volunteer in the Norfolk Public Schools

NPS Now: Faith Based Partnerships Community Kickoff

  • Norfolk Public Schools Faith Based Partnership Committee 2021-2022 School Year


    Mr. Ronald Atkinson
    Ms. LaEunice Brown
    Ms. LaNeka Brown
    Mrs. Cheryl Coghlan
    Ms. Krystle Glover
    Pastor Geoffrey Guns
    Mr. Michael Harris
    Pastor Kirk Houston
    Pastor Keith Jones
    Pastor Jared Klingmeyer
    Mr. Willie Lee
    Pastor Joe McDaniel
    Mr. LaVoris Pace
    Minister Sarah Peoples-Perry
    Pastor Joel Phillips
    Dr. Sharon Phillips
    Mr. Thomas Smigiel
    Dr. Doreatha White
    Pastor Jim Wood
    Madeline Curott

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