40 Club

  • Purpose: To recognize and celebrate volunteers who have completed 40 or more volunteer hours throughout Norfolk Public Schools per semester.

    Criteria: Parents, family members, community members, and faith-based partners who are registered in the Raptor Volunteer Management system.

    School Level: Schools will recognize and celebrate their volunteers monthly using the Raptor reports that identifies individual hours of each volunteer. Schools will be asked to keep photographic documentation of activities/events that volunteers of volunteer participation.

    City-Wide Level: Individuals or groups with 40+ volunteer hours will be recognized during the winter/spring School Board Recognition Program (December/May), and our NPS Newsletter. 40+ Club Volunteers will receive certificates of appreciation. Three photos from each school will be used to provide images for the NPS Newsletter and Superintendent’s report.

    Levels of service include:

    1. Periodic Volunteers- A periodic volunteer is someone, under the supervision of a NPS Staff member, who assists occasionally and sporadically, such as once a month, or for specific events.  Examples include assisting with field day, serving as a chaperone, or judging a science fair.

    2. Regular Volunteers- A regular volunteer is someone who assists on a regularly scheduled basis, such as once a week. Examples are reading buddies, mentors, tutors, or athletic coaches.

    To volunteer click here.