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  • Dr. Doreatha White, Principal
    1530 Cypress Street
    Norfolk Virginia, 23523

    Phone: (757) 494-3870
    Fax: (757) 494-3290

    Office Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm
    Student Hours: 9:30am - 3:55pm


Welcome Message from the Principal

  •   Picture of Dr. Doreatha White

    Dr. Doreatha White, principal of Berkley Campostella Early Childhood Center, visualized and initiated the DAYMAC Program. DAYMAC stands for Developing Amazing Young Minds through Apple ConnectED. Dr. White’s philosophy of teaching and learning emphasizes the fact that all children can learn if given the creative tools and opportunities to enhance their cognitive ability. DAYMAC is aligned with the mission and vision of Berkley Campostella Early Childhood Center (BCECC), where educators believe that college begins in Pre-Kindergarten. “We will develop the whole child with family, community and school support to prepare young scholars to be life-long learners through rigorous, creative, and technical

    instructional experiences that will eliminate the digital divide.”

    Through DAYMAC, we have transformed the traditional classroom into an exciting, imaginative, and innovative digital learning environment that enhances the cognitive ability and accelerates the academic achievement for Pre-K 3 and 4 year old scholars. Each scholar will be a 21st century learner equipped with the necessary tools in the palms of their hands to consume and create digital content.

    All staff has the necessary resources to elevate academic achievement through a 1:1 technological platform. Apple Technology infused lessons are taught each day at BCECC. In addition, Dr. White implemented the Berkley Campostella Early Childhood Center's Teddy Bear Club and the Teddy Bear Tech Lab.