• NEWS: The 2020-2021 school year will begin with 100% remote learning - including for our preschool programs. More information on attendance and learning expectations will be provided by your child's school. 




    Important: Due to outside vistors not being allowed into the Central Office building and limited operating hours at the schools, please email your 2020-2021 application and supporting documents to

    • You can take a picture of your documents and attach it to the email
    • There is no one in our office to accept phone calls, so please email questions to the email address above and we will do our best to reply back to you within 24-48 hours.
    • Check back to this website often for updates and changes to procedures!
    • If you have already mailed your application and documents via the USPS, please do NOT resend your documents via email. We are still receiving postal mail and processing what we have received.


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    Norfolk Public Schools provides a full-day, high-quality instructional program for preschool aged students identified as at risk for early academic challenges. The goal of our prekindergarten program is to help prepare the students for success in kindergarten and beyond.

    The preschool programs operated by the Office of Early Learning and Title I are mostly state and/or federally grant funded and, as such, involve enrollment criteria. Acceptance into the Norfolk Public Schools prekindergarten program is based, in part, upon the following requirements:

    1. Residency: You must provide proof that you and your child are residents of the city of Norfolk.
    2. Age: Your child must be age 3 or 4 by September 30th of the school year for which you are applying to enroll.
    3. Program-related eligibility criteria: The funds that support our preschool programs have various criteria that must be taken into consideration before offering acceptance to any student. In order for your child to be considered for our preschool programs, you must complete an application and submit the required supporting documents. For our three-year old classes, students must live in a Title I school zone to be accepted (see the Title I section for a list of schools).


          February: Applications for next school year are available.

          June (approximate): Letters are mailed to inform families of their status towards enrollment.

Teacher and students