NEW VDH Quarantine Guidelines

  • No fever 5 days

    The Virginia Department of Health has provided interim guidance for K-12 schools following updates from the Centers for Disease Control.

    The new guidance allows individuals to return five days after a positive Covid test if the following criteria have been met:

    1. They have no symptoms, or their symptoms have resolved (no fever).
    2. They wear a well-fitting mask for five additional days when interacting with others. 
    3. They maintain proper social distance. 

    When children have to remove their masks to eat or for other reasons, they need to be in a setting that allows for six feet of distance between them and others. If they cannot be six feet apart when they return, they cannot benefit from the reduced five-day quarantine and will need to follow the 10-day quarantine.  If they can stay six feet apart when unmasked, they can use the five-day option. 

    These guidelines will evolve as state and federal public health experts review COVID-19 caseloads and scientific analysis.  We will continue to keep you posted on any updates.

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