Gifted Education & Academic Rigor Services

  • The Office of Gifted Education & Academic Rigor Services works to develop the gifts and talents evident in our children by working with all of our stakeholders to create a wide range of engaging learning experiences that nurture our students’ social, academic, and emotional growth.  Watch "I Am Gifted"


    Summer Programs 2022

    Registration for NPS Summer Programs is still open for various academic or enrichment programs. However, if you are specifically interested in Camp Einstein this summer, they are no longer accepting registrations as all classes are full. Please consider enrolling in one of NPS' other enrichment programs.

    Here is the link to the form in English:  https://forms.office.com/r/wt5rXF313z

    Here is the link to the form in Espenol / Spanish:  https://forms.office.com/r/eAYrh5NS9y

    GIFTED EDUCATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE (GEAC): The last GEAC meeting for 2021-2022 was held June 7th. GEAC meetings will pick back up in September, and all parents or community members are welcome to attend.  Click here for more information

    SUMMER ENRICHMENT: William & Mary’s Center for Gifted Education is excited to share our Saturday Enrichment Program (SEP) with your family.  SEP is an academically challenging program with an emphasis on inquiry-based learning.  The program is not meant to replace the regular school curriculum; rather, it recognizes the importance of allowing able children to explore additional specialized areas of science, mathematics, humanities, and the arts.   There are fall virtual courses available in the areas of engineering, music, STEM, coding, writing, social science, and many more.  Visit the website or view the flyer for more information and to register.       

    SOCIAL EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: Secondary students and parents: Please visit our new Social Emotional Interactive site for helpful information and resources


    Philosophy of Gifted Education
    Norfolk Public Schools defines gifted students as those whose abilities and potential for accomplishment are so outstanding that they require services and programs to meet their educational needs.  Gifted students come from many backgrounds, and their special abilities cover a wide spectrum of human potential.  Students identifed as gifted deserve to be challenged to maximize their educational potential.  Norfolk Public Schools recognizes that the social and emotional needs of gifted students should be addressed by instructional and enrichment experiences that reflect an understanding of the complexities of the development of gifted learners that differs from that of their peers.

    "Fair isn't everyone getting the same thing; fair is everyone getting what they need in order to be successful."


  • Courtroom Law semi-final in District Court was held April 30th - Ghent School verses Northside Middle School.


    This year's winner was Ghent, congratulations!




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