Gifted Education Advisory Committee (GEAC)

  • Attention parents of gifted students and Norfolk community members: Are you interested in advocating for the needs of the exceptional students of Norfolk Public Schools? Are you interested in joining like-minded parents, staff, and community members willing to work on behalf of gifted and talented learners throughout the NPS district? Please consider joining the Gifted Education Advisory Committee. We need advocates like you!  

    The GEAC maintains the belief that rigorous education should be constantly present in our school system and available to ALL students.

    Calendar of GEAC 2023-2024 Meetings
    The Gifted Education Advisory Committee (GEAC) meets the second Tuesday of most months at the Academy for Discovery at Lakewood (ADL), 1701 Alsace Avenue 23509, unless otherwise noted. GEAC Subcommittee meetings are typically held on dates when the full GEAC is not conducting a meeting.

    GEAC MEETINGS - ALL INTERESTED STAKEHOLDERS ARE WELCOME! Below are the 2023-2024 meeting dates, which are subject to change.   

    ● Tuesday, September 14 @ 6PM, Media Center, ADL
    ● Tuesday, October 10 @ 6PM, Media Center, ADL
    ● Tuesday, November 14 @ 6PM, Media Center, ADL 
    December  - No Meeting
    ● Tuesday, January 9  @ 6PM, Media Center, ADL
    ● Tuesday, February 13 @ 6PM, Media Center, ADL
    ● Tuesday, March 12 @ 6PM, Media Center, ADL
    ● Tuesday, April 9 @ 6PM, Media Center, ADL
    ● Tuesday, May 14 @ 6PM, Media Center, ADL
    ● Tuesday, June 4* @ 6PM, LOCATION TBD *Please note change to the first Tues. in June

    All meetings begin at 6 PM until 7:30 PM. 

    GEAC meetings are held to provide information, discuss concerns/issues, and provide feedback. The main objective of the GEAC is to submit an end of the year recommendations report to the School Board.  Interested individuals are welcome to attend and/or to contact the council chair to request items of concern for the education of gifted students be placed on a meeting agenda.  

    For questions or regarding GEAC, please contact your child’s Gifted Resource Teacher at his/her school or Ms. Karla Stead at

    Gifted Education Advisory Committee Overview: The Gifted Education Advisory Committee (GEAC) advises the local School Board on the educational needs of all gifted students in Norfolk Public Schools. GEAC membership encompasses: parents of gifted students, Norfolk Public Schools alumni, representatives of community organizations, school personnel, and other vital stakeholders in Gifted Education. The functions of the Committee include, but are not limited to:

    1. Reviewing and making recommendations for the implementation of the Local Plan for the Education of Gifted Students on an annual basis;
    2. Submitting findings and recommendations for the education of gifted students to the division Superintendent and the School Board;
    3. Reviewing plans for identifying gifted students;
    4. Determining the unmet educational needs of gifted students within Norfolk Public Schools;
    5. Participating in the development of long-range plans that will provide educational opportunities for gifted students;
    6. Developing priorities and strategies for meeting the identified needs of gifted students;
    7. Developing understanding of and support for gifted programs and services;
    8. Disseminating information about the gifted program and services.

    Past GEAC Minutes and Recordings:


    Nov 2021 GEAC Minutes

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    January 2022 GEAC Recording passcode: JpY*Avc0


    If interested in learning more about NPS' Gifted Education Advisory Council (GEAC), please visit GEAC School Board Advisory Committee You will also be able to apply to be a member at GEAC Application

    Thank you for visiting our Gifted Education Advisory Committee page! 

    GEAC Bylaws:

     GEAC Bylaws Rev. May 2021laws

  • GEAC Officers for SY2022-23

    Dr. Ronald White
    GEAC Chair 2022-23         

    Dr. Jori Beck and Hollis Symodynes
    Vice Chair Chair
    GEAC Vice Chair 2022-23 

    Dr. Serita Griffan & Ms. Natalie West
    Recording Secretaries

    For more information, please contact Ms. Stewart, Dr. White or Ms. Stead



    The Rosemont Center

    7000 West Tanners Creek Road

    Norfolk, VA 23513