#NPS Literacy Strategic. Authentic. Engaged.
  •  NPS Literacy


    • Promote an equitable, systematic, and evidenced-based literacy framework as the foundation of a successful reading and writing program.
    • Foster a rigorous curriculum that ensures every student experiences high quality literacy instruction.
    • Deliver explicit, data-driven, differentiated reading and writing instruction that is rooted in scientific research.


    • Motivate students by building relationships and making reading and writing personally meaningful.
    • Facilitate  learning experiences that honor diversity and reflect culturally relevant instruction through reading, writing, and research.
    • Challenge students with complex, diverse texts that engage minds, capture attention, and evoke emotions.  


    • Cultivate classrooms where students are actively engaged in reading and writing.
    • Utilize authentic tasks, student choice, and collaboration as keys to active engagement.
    • Provide learning experiences where students read, write, communicate, and think critically in every classroom, in every school, everyday - no exceptions.

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