Enrollment Registration


    There may be some families who want to enroll their children in Norfolk Public Schools this academic year even during the closure because their children need to have access to Learning in Place plans, teachers, and the food distribution sites.  Families can enroll their children by visiting the school their child is zoned to attend between the hours of 10 a.m. and  2 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Parents/Guardians must schedule an appointment through an e-mail message with the building principal before reporting to the school.

    Parents/Guardians must complete a registration packet and submit it to the school.  All required documentatioin must be provided at the time of enrollment:  birth certificate, school entrance physical and immunization certificate, and expulsion statement, if applicable.  Once these documents are submitted, staff will complete registration by the following week.  

    Acceptance into the Norfolk Public Schools pre-kindergarten program is based upon the following requirements:

    1. Residency: You must provide proof that you and your child are residents of the city of Norfolk.
    2. Age: Your child must be age 3 or 4 by September 30 of the school year for which you are applying to enroll.
    3. Program-related eligibility criteria: The Commonwealth of Virginia sets the criteria for prekindergarten admission based upon pre-determined risk factors that may apply to you, your child, and/or your household. In order for your child to qualify for prekindergarten, you must complete a Family Data Sheet indicating all potential risk factors, and you must be prepared to submit required verification documents. For more information, visit Early Learning and Title I . Please submit all inquiries to EARLY LEARNING/TITLE 1, at 628-3944. Please note that the Department of Student Support Services does not process requests for pre-kindergarten 3 year and 4 year old students.

    Kindergarten Registration Information

    Enrollment Process:

    Students entering Kindergarten must have reached their fifth birthday on or before September 30th of the year in which they enroll (Students turning 5 years old in Oct., Nov., or Dec. may attend kindergarten on a space-available basis…please see below for Registration Requirements for Early Entrance .

    Students must register at the school to which they are zoned before beginning classes.
    Please use the link below link to identify your school and the attendance zone:

    Find My School

    To enroll a child in a public school division in Virginia, state law required the parent/guardian provide certain information to the school division:

    • Birth Certificate, original certificate of birth or certified copy
    • School Entrance Physical and Immunization Certificate completed by a physician. This form may be obtained from any Norfolk public school, the Norfolk City Health Department, family practice medical office, or military medical clinic
    • Immunization Record
    • Expulsion Statement, if applicable
    • Link here for Virginia School Entrance Form *

      *State law (Ref. Code of Virginia § 22.1-270) requires that your child is immunized and receives a comprehensive physical examination before entering public kindergarten or elementary school. The parent or guardian completes this page (Part I) of the form. The Medical Provider completes Part II and Part III of the form. This form must be completed no longer than one year before your child’s entry into school.



    To enter kindergarten, your child must be 5 years old by Sept. 30 of the current school year.  The student and the natural parent or legal guardian must be present during enrollment. 

    Students turning 5 years old in Oct., Nov., or Dec. may attend kindergarten on a space-available basis and under the following conditions:

    1. Demonstrate readiness
    2. Pay a tuition fee
    3. Follow Entrance Requirements

    Parents interested in consideration for early entrance should submit a letter requesting early entrance to:

    Bruce Brady, Acting Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction
    800 E. City Hall Avenue, Suite 1102
    Norfolk, VA 23510

    a. The letter should include the child's name, birth date, and home school.

     Upon receipt of the letter:

    1. A response will be forwarded to the parent outlining the conditions upon which an approval might be given (including the tuition requirement amount, enrollment based upon space availability, and readiness testing).

    2. Once approved, students may not be enrolled prior to the ninth date of school, in order to determine classroom space availability.

    3. At that time, the school will notify the parent of date and time of any readiness testing that may be given.

    4. A tuition payment must be made upon acceptance. The fee cannot be waived, however it can be pro-rated.

    Please contact  Bruce Brady, Acting Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction at 757-628-3898 for assistance with early entrance into  kindergarten.  

    Student Support Services does not handle enrollment for pre-kindergarten 3 year and 4 year old students.  Please contact Learning Support at (757) 628-3950 immediate assistance.


    • Physical Examination Report – Must indicate that the child has received a comprehensive physical examination within twelve months prior to the date the child first enters public kindergarten or elementary school (K-5).  A second physical is required before kindergarten if attended pre-school.  The school Entrance Health Form, MCH 213F, must be completed by a licensed physician, licensed nurse practitioner, or licensed physician’s assistant regarding the child.

            Health Information Form/Comprehensive Physical Examination Report/Certification of Immunization

    • Immunization Records – Documented proof of adequate immunization with the prescribed number of doses of each vaccine as required by Virginia law.

            Minimum Immunization Requirements (English)

            Minimum Immunization Requirements(Espanol)

            Supplemental Guidance for School Vaccines

            Religious Exemption 

    • Proof of Birth – Official Birth Certificate (photocopy will not meet this requirement) for non-US citizens only, other substantiating documents are accepted.

    • Proof of Residence – Only 1 item is required from the list below (DMV identification card or driver’s license is not an acceptable form of address verification)

    Current Utility Bill – Power, gas, water or sanitation bill must list the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) name and the address of residence.


    Mortgage Statement or Current Lease – must list the name and contact information of the landlord, address of property, date of occupancy or current date, amount of rent paid, renter’s name (parent(s)/legal guardian(s), and contact information on company letterhead. (Please contact the school for further assistance, as needed.)

    It is a Class 4 misdemeanor for knowingly making a false statement concerning the residency of a child in a particular school division or school attendance zone if the purpose is to avoid tuition or to enroll a student in a school outside the attendance zone in which the student resides.

    • Expulsion Statement – The parent(s)/legal guardian(s) must provide a sworn statement indicating if the child has been expelled from attending a private school or another public school in Virginia or a school in another state for an offense involving weapons, alcohol or drugs, or for willful infliction of injury to another person. In addition an affirmation indicating whether the student has been found guilty of or adjudicated delinquent for any offense listed in subsection G of § 16.1-260 of the Code of Virginia or any substantially similar offense under the laws of any state, the District of Columbia, or the United States or its territories.

            Affirmation Regarding Expulsion Form A -216-A

    • Custody or Court order (if applicable) – Not required of natural parent if the student is living with him/her unless there is an order in place contrary.

    -Special Power of Attorney executed under Title 10, United States Code, § 1044b, by the custodial parent is only accepted for students with a parent or parents in the military, if the student is living with a noncustodial parent or other person standing in loco parentis, not solely for school purposes.

    Students in Foster Care – A student who has been placed in foster care by a local social services agency shall be immediately enrolled even if the placing social services agency is unable to produce the documents required for enrollment. In such cases, the person enrolling the student must provide a written statement that, to the best of his/her knowledge, sets forth the student’s age, and indicates that the student is in good health and is free from communicable or contagious disease.   

    Homeless Students - Homeless students must be enrolled immediately.  Attendance cannot be excluded for homeless children who do not provide the requisite health or immunization information required of other students.  Please contact Marquita Sykes, Early Learning/Title 1 at 628-3944, or the zoned school for details.

    KP. Parent Involvement in Education

    The custodial parent has the responsibility to:

    1. Keep the school office informed as to the address of residence and how he or she may be contacted at all times.
    2. On the Norfolk schools registration form, list the current address and phone number of the noncustodial parent, unless such address is unknown and the parent signs a statement to that effect, or unless a court order restricts the educational and/or contact rights of the parent.
    3. Provide a copy of any legal document which restricts the educational or contact rights of the noncustodial parent.

    The noncustodial parent has the responsibility to keep the school office apprised of changes in his or her current phone number and address.  Further, the noncustodial parent may make timely requests to participate in parent-teacher conferences.