Out-of-District Transfers



    Out-of-District Transfer (ODT) permit request time frame:

    Applications will be accepted July 9- July 31





    Please note that the Out-of-District Transfer Permit Requests time frame ended on July 31, 2018.  All requests that are not been date stamped by that date may not be processed before school begins.   


    Please contact the Department of Student Support Services at (757) 628-3931, should you have questions or concerns regarding the current ODT permit request form.

    ODT Criteria

    • Before an ODT Permit Request can be considered, your child must be enrolled in his/her zoned school
    • If the reason for request is child care or victim of a crime, you must provide required documentation listed on the form (incomplete requests are not accepted)

    Required Documentation (determined by reason for request):

    • Child Care – notarized statement from child care provider or a statement from child care provider on printed daycare stationery (must include signature, address, and telephone number *Verification of work hours on employer’s stationery)
    • Moving from one school attendance zone to another within the City of Norfolk
    • Victim of a crime – requires documentation from court or police

    The Department of Student Support Services (DSSS) does NOT accept ODT permit requests for the following schools/programs:

    Pre-School  – Tracie Kunkel,  Early Learning and Title 1

    Academy for Discovery at Lakewood (Application based-processed at the school)

    Campostella Stem Program Lotttery – processed at the school)

    Crossroads (Lottery – processed at the school)

    Chesterfield Academy (Application based- processed at the school)

    Ghent (Lottery –  processed at the school)

    School of International Studies at Rosemont (Application based- processed at the school)

    Specialty Programs (example: IB program) (Application based– processed at the school)

    School Choice Options

    Athletic Placement

    Special Education Placement (Special Education Department)

    Madison Alternative

    McKinney-Vento  – Totinisha Walton, Early Learning and Title I

    Norfolk Technical Center

    Open Campus - A Magic Johnson Bridgescape Academy


    If approved please be prepared to verify your address at the school with the appropriate address verification documents:

    Proof of Residence – Only 1 item is required from the list below (DMV identification card or driver’s license is not an acceptable form of address verification) Current Utility Bill – Power, gas, water or sanitation bill must list the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) name and the address of residence.


    Mortgage Statement or Current Lease – must list the name and contact information of the landlord, address of property, date of occupancy or current date, amount of rent paid, renter’s name (parent(s)/legal guardian(s), and contact information on company letterhead. (Please contact the school for further assistance, as needed.)

    It is a Class 4 misdemeanor for knowingly making a false statement concerning the residency of a child in a particular school division or school attendance zone if the purpose is to avoid tuition or to enroll a student in a school outside the attendance zone in which the student resides.