Welcome to Norfolk Public Schools Anti-Bullying SafeSchools website

  • Bullying creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, is unproductive and unacceptable, and harms school culture and climate. It further harms the individual lives of the students who are bullied, the bystander and the bully. Bullying should be prevented and intervention should be taken in cases where bullying has been reported or is suspected. The School Board of the City of Norfolk, recognizing the negative impact of bullying on student health, safety, and on the learning environment, is committed to the provision of school settings that are safe, secure and free from bullying of any kind.

    While an immediate response is important, our focus is on preventing these incidents and their impact on students. This site should not be used to report an emergency matter involving an imminent threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this site may not receive an immediate response. If your issue involves an immediate threat, contact the appropriate local authorities. We are here to offer answers, support and guidance in dealing with concerns of bullying and harassment.