"Billy's Big Bother"

  • Check out "Billy's Big Bother" to learn how to handle a bullying situation or what to do if you witness a bullying situation.


    1. Tell your parents, teacher, principal, school counselor, or any adult you are being bullied.
    2. Talk about it. Talking is a good outlet for the fears and frustrations you feel when you are being bullied.
    3. Hold your anger. Do not retaliate against a bully or let the bully see how much he or she upsets you.
    4. Do not get physical. If you hit, kick or push, not only are you showing anger, but you never know what the bully will do in response.
    5. Be confident. Practice feeling good about yourself. Hold your head up, stand up straight, make eye contact and walk with confidence.
    6. Take charge of your life by doing things that make you feel your best. The confidence you gain by feeling good about yourself, will help you ignore the mean kids.
    7. Say NO! The first time the bullying or teasing starts you must stop it right there. Let the bully know you will not tolerate the behavior and you refuse to be his or her victim.
    8. Never carry a weapon to make yourself feel safer. Carrying a weapon can result in serious consequences with the school or with the law. You risk the weapon being turned on you or it hurting an innocent person. You may do something in a moment of fear or anger you will regret for the rest of your life.
    9. Avoid situations where bullying can happen. Avoid areas that are isolated or unsupervised by adults. Stick with your friends or other people as much as possible when traveling to and from school or while in isolated areas at school.
    10. Know who your true friends are. Bullies are less likely to bother you if you are with friends, especially when you stick up for each other. Friends can also help you get through difficult times, if you are being bullied with rumors and gossip. Find one or two friends to confide in. Your friends can also help you to follow these 10 Tips!


    1. Refuse to join in if you see someone being bullied. You may fear the bully targeting you if you do not join in, but stand firm. Think about how the victim is feeling and how you would feel if you were the victim.
    2. Attempt to defuse a bullying situation by drawing the attention away from the targeted person. Use humor or change the subject to get the bully’s attention. Do not laugh, side with or encourage the bully in anyway.
    3. Let the bully know that what he or she is doing is not cool! Tell the bully to stop, but do not place yourself at risk.
    4. If you cannot help stop a bullying situation, immediately go get a teacher, parent, or any adult to come help.
    5. Speak up and/or offer support when you witness bullying. Be a willing witness; don’t give in to the pressure of others calling you a “snitch.” Recognize that the word “snitch” is designed to keep you silent. If you feel you cannot help the victim at the time of the incident, you can show support later with words of kindness and condolence.
    6. Encourage the victim to talk to his or her parents, teacher, principal, school counselor, or a trusted adult. Offer to go with the victim to report it. Tell an adult what you witnessed. If you are concerned about your safety, you can report it anonymously at school, or by using the hotline.


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