• NPS Staff and students

About The Plan

  • To create a shared vision for our future, we tapped into the expertise of stakeholders from the community to the classroom. We heard from students, families, staff, and community members about what they desire to see for the future of Norfolk Public Schools. 

    What we heard reinforced that we have an unprecedented opportunity: to lay a new and stronger foundation; to create a system that meets each student’s needs and effectively supports teachers to strengthen our curricula and instructional practice; to continue to nurture a positive culture and climate; and to more intentionally engage families and the community into the organization of our schools. 

    The plan that follows outlines the steps we will take to continuously improve. We know that the path forward will be as challenging as it is necessary. We also know that together we can overcome challenges and accomplish the goals set forth before us. 

Vision, Mission, Values

  • Norfolk Public Schools’ mission is to ensure that all students maximize their academic potential, develop skills for lifelong learning, and become successful contributors to a global society. 

    We believe Norfolk Public Schools is the cornerstone of a proudly diverse community with highly qualified teachers and staff dedicated to providing a variety of teaching and learning opportunities for all students. 

    Download the NPS Strategic Plan(PDF)

Last Modified on February 2, 2023