Gifted ID

  • Gifted Screening and Referral Information

    Norfolk Public Schools’ (NPS) screening processes occur annually, is multifaceted, and completed on an ongoing basis for grades K-12. A student’s screening can result in the placement in a talent pool eligible for Level III services meant to develop potential, or gifted identification, eligible for Level IV services that focus more on accelerated content and autonomous learning.


    Screening is the active search for students who are then referred for the formal identification process, and occurs annually.  NPS provides a universal screener to all first-grade students during the second half of the school year. Otherwise, testing occurs when students are referred for gifted services by parents, teachers, gifted resource teachers (GRTs), or the students themselves.


    All elementary students are screened using the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), along with other criteria.  For more information on the CogAT ability test, please visit


    At the secondary level, students in grades 6-8 are screened using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills in four areas: communication skills, mathematics, social studies, and science.   Students in grades 9-12 are administered the Iowa Tests of Educational Development (ITED) battery of tests. For more information concerning the ITED, please visit  


    Referrals of current NPS K-12 students for GIA and SAA services are accepted all year long by the school's GRT, and can come from school staff, parents/guardians, another student, community members, or the student him/herself. Referral testing will take place each November, using the CogAT for elementary or the Iowa Series for secondary. 


    A completed referral consists of three components: 1) Permission to test form; 2) Gifted Behaviors Parent Rating form; 3) Gifted Behaviors Teacher Rating form. These forms are available at each school via the gifted resource teacher, or you may reach out to the Office of Gifted Education & Academic Rigor Services for a copy. Parents/guardians may also contact the school office and ask to speak to the gifted resource teacher to receive the referral forms for testing.


     Parent Permission to Test





    After parent/guardians receive the results of the district’s gifted identification processing, parents may appeal the decision requests for appeals of the decision regarding a student’s eligibility for gifted services within t

    two weeks or fifteen (15) instructional days upon receipt of their notification letter. 


    The appeal process is started by completing the NPS Appeal Form below and can be accompanied by a written letter. Both are mailed to the Office of Gifted Education & Academic Rigor Services, Attn: Gifted Appeals Committee. Parents/guardians/students are invited to present additional pertinent information they feel would be helpful to the appeals committee in making their decision.  NOTE: No test conducted outside the school district will be considered in the gifted identification appeals process.


    The committee’s decision may include the following:

    • Uphold the original decision of the identification committee.
    • Reverse the decision of the identification committee.
    • Request more information in order to make a more informed decision.


    The chair of the committee, the Senior Coordinator, is responsible for notifying parents/guardians and /or pertinent individuals initiating the appeal of the decision within fifteen (15) instructional days of the receipt of the written appeal.