Ideas for Working Together

  • Schools and Community . . . Working Together

    Connections between our community and our schools enables us to provide students with a wide variety of support and opportunities to grow and thrive. There are many ways for businesses and community organizations to get involved. Ideally, a partnership between a school and a community organization will be based on the specific needs and resources of each. Here are some ideas to get you started.

    As Partners in Education, businesses and community organizations may:

    • Serve as volunteers, mentors, tutors, chaperones, etc.
    • Allow/Encourage employees to use release time to volunteer in the schools of their choice
    • Become a classroom reader or guest speaker
    • Serve as a guest speaker during Career Day/Week
    • Offer incentives for students for achievement, positive behavior, attendance, etc.
    • Donate needed materials and supplies
    • Provide financial support and other needed resources
    • Sponsor field trips and expanded cultural experiences for students
    • Assist with annual school events such as health fairs, school carnivals, science fairs, spirit week, book fairs, etc.
    • Sponsor after school clubs and activities
    • Provide valuable input as a participant on a school/district advisory council
    • Engage in school improvement/beautification projects
    • Participate in a school supply or book drive
    • Provide job shadowing, internships and/or employment opportunities for students
    • Support professional development for educators
    • Host lunches/meetings for school staff
    • Sponsor recognition programs for students, teachers, and staff
    • Sponsor a teacher appreciation week event
    • Invite student artwork for the design of holiday cards or other organizational publications

    Schools can assist community partners by

    • Providing student artwork for office spaces, the design of holiday cards or professional publications
    • Provide visibility for partners by recognizing them on the school marquee, in a school newsletter, on the school website, in social media, etc.
    • Providing a partnership plaque or window cling to publicly display
    • Including them in school programs and activities
    • Recognize them at a PTA meeting or school event
    • Offering student performances at community organizations