Return to Play Procedures

  • In the event of student-athlete injury, return to play status will be determined by the athletic trainer in the event that the injury has been treated solely by the athletic trainer.

    If the student-athlete is seen by a physician regarding any injury/condition, the student-athlete must return a note from the physician to the athletic trainer regarding their return to play status or restrictions. In the event that a student-athlete has seen a physician but does not return a note, that student-athlete will not be permitted to participate in Norfolk Public Schools athletics until they have done so. Under no circumstances will an athletic trainer be able to override a restriction or limitation as directed by a physician.

    In the event that an injured student-athlete receives a clearance note from a physician to participate, but based upon measurable outcomes and a functional assessment, the athletic trainer does not feel that the student-athlete is ready to and can safely return to play, the athletic trainer reserves the right to withhold that student athlete from participation or competition.