Student-Athlete Accident Insurance Information

  • Norfolk Public Schools can provide a secondary student $25,000.00 accident insurance for approved medical injuries sustained by a student during school, transportation to and from school, and interscholastic sports through VA Corp.

    • This insurance is secondary to your primary health insurance for your NPS student.   
    • The policy will provide reimbursement for co-pays and/or deductibles and approved costs not covered by a family's primary insurance. For those individuals without health insurance, the policy will pay approved medical expenses up to $25,000.00.
    • A school administrator must complete Part 1 and sign the attached VACorp form. The parent/guardian must complete the Authorization and Statement of Other Insurance section located in Part 2 on the form. Additional instructions for completing this form and submitting claims are located on the back of the form.
    • You must submit the form to VACorp at the address listed at the top right corner of the form within 90 days of the injury. Failure to do so will bar any reimbursement through this VA Corp policy.
    • You will need to provide, with the claim form, copies of medical bills and receipts that require payment/reimbursement along with your health insurance company's explanation of benefits.

    Norfolk Public Schools has TWO catastrophic sports injury policies, VACorp and Virginia High School Sports League (VHLS). These policies cover in-season and authorized out-of-season practices.

    • The VACorp policy provides coverage for severe injuries that are over and beyond the $25,000 threshold.
    • The VHLS policy covers sports injures that occur in-season and authorized out-of-season practice through the Virginia High School League.
    • These policies follow the same process as mentioned above, in that the family health insurance must be utilized as the primary coverage.

    If you have any questions or concerns about coverage or payments/reimbursements not being made, please contact VACorp at 888-822-6772 or the Norfolk Public Schools, Risk Management & Safety Department.