Student-Athlete Mental Health


    The mental health of our student-athletes is of the upmost importance. Norfolk Public Schools Athletics has developed mental health awareness tools and intervention procedures to help promote positive mental health for our student-athletes. 


    Mental Health Education for Parents/Guardians & Athletes 


    Student-athletes have numerous physical, mental, and academic demands placed on them daily. While these expectations are designed to allow our student-athletes an opportunity to grow and prepare them for life after high school, for some, they may be a source of unhealthy stress. Although student-athletes can suffer from any mental health condition, there are four mental health conditions commonly seen in Athletics: Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders and Suicidal Ideation. (click on each of the four most commonly seen mental health conditions to learn more from the NCAA).


    As a parent/guardian or teammate, you can promote positive mental health by recognizing these warning signs in your student-athlete or peers and asking for help – 


    Mental Health Concern S/S


    While any student-athlete may suffer from a mental health concern regardless of sport, there are certain sports where student-athletes may be at an increased risk for mental health concerns. Click here to learn more about sport specific considerations

Mental Health Check-Ins (High School)

  • Each of our student-athletes at the high school level are offered a Mental Health Check-In to complete daily. This tool provides student-athletes with an outlet to share how they’re feeling, while helping staff recognize mental health concerns and aide in getting our student-athletes proper support.