• School Board Advisory Committee (SBAC) Welcome Information:

    The School Board of the City of Norfolk appreciates your desire to serve as a School Board Advisory Committee (SBAC) member. Below are the SBAC web page links with a description of the duties, responsibilities, and term limits for each advisory committee:

    Special Education Advisory Committee

    Gifted Education Advisory Committee

    Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee

    School Health Advisory Council

    According to the School Board Policy, the tenure of advisory committee members shall expire according to the School Board Advisory Committee regulations and bylaws. Committee members shall have no legal rights to their appointed positions and may be removed from membership for failure to perform duties, failure to maintain requirements for appointment to the committee, and other good and just cause as determined by the  School  Board.

    Membership and responsibilities will be in compliance with School Board policies and regulations (BCF. Advisory Committees to the School Board), BCF-R Regulation of School Board/Advisory Committees to the School Board, BCF-RA (Career & Technical Education), BCF-RB (School Health), BCF-RC (Special Education) and BCF-RD (Gifted Education), along with applicable state and federal law and regulations.

    All SBAC members are required to review the FOIA guidelines outlined on this web page from the FOIA Council that informs members regarding the use of personal emails and the FOIA process. You may want to create an e-mail account to use specifically for your advisory committee work as opposed to your personal email that is subject to FOIA guidelines. The FOIA Council is the Virginia government body responsible for training government officials in the Act and for providing advisory opinions on the Act. Please read this information about FOIA, click on this link.

    SBAC members will be required to provide an electronic signature in acknowledgment of receipt of the Welcome information and FOIA guidelines. Click Here to Sign

    The School Board’s Accountability Plan is included for your review.

    If you have any further questions, please e-mail Karen Tanner, schoolboardcleark@nps.k12.va.us, or call 757-802-0415.