Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program

  • Our Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program gives students a chance to try new and different varieties of produce right in their classroom. It encourages kids to eat more fruits and vegetables and allows teachers to model healthy behaviors. These healthy snacks are served outside of breakfast and lunch mealservice times and are available to all students at the particpating school. 

    2019-20 Participating Schools:

    • Chesterfield Academy
    • Coleman Place Elementary
    • Jacox Elementary
    • James Monroe Elementary
    • Norview Elementary
    • P.B. Young Elementary
    • Richard Bowling Elementary
    • Tidewater Park Elementary
    • Berkley Campostella Early Childhood Center
    • Lindenwood Elementary

    Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Program December 2019 Menu

    Did you know that students that participate in the program eat 1/3 cup more of fruits and vegtables than students who don't participate in the program?  

    Teachers - use our Monthly Newsletter for fast, fun, and easy food facts about what we are serving this month!

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