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Special Education

  • PEATC is committed to reaching all families, schools, and communities to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. Building positive futures by empowering individuals with disabilities through education and training.   

    In Virginia, there are thousands of programs and organizations that serve older adults, people with disabilities, veterans, caregivers, and their families. You can find them all right here on Virginia Navigator! We are a statewide nonprofit that helps Virginians access the information and services they need close to home. 

    Autism Society Tidewater Virginia is celebrating over 40 years of non-profit services, advocacy, and support to children, youth, and adults with Autism, their families and the professionals who serve them. We are a local affiliate of the National Autism Society, founded in 1965. 


    Virginia Family's Guide to Special Education

    This new state guide was developed by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) to help those involved in special education, whether as families, teachers or school administrators, advocates, or students. Meeting the needs of children with disabilities requires an understanding of rights and responsibilities which include the child’s rights, and the school’s responsibilities to meet their needs. This guide includes a description of the special education process and what is required during each step of that process. Important timelines are highlighted throughout.

Mental Health

Educational Technology and Digital Content

  • Educational kids shows are a collection of animated series, live-action shows, and other forms of media focused on education-oriented material. They are typically designed to engage a specific age group and teach them critical skills lightheartedly.  

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  • Any recorded presentations, PowerPoints, or articles from previous PRC presentations, workshops, or trainings. Click the link below to review the materials archive.  

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