Review and Termination of Homebound Services

  • Eligibility for homebound services is subject to review at any time at the request of the parent or Norfolk Public Schools staff. A letter, or email, explaining such a request should be forwarded to the Homebound Program Administrator, Amy Yashaev, Learning Support - Special Education Services. If the medical or mental health information provided to the homebound office indicates that the student is too fragile to complete the homebound services, the Program Administrator, along with the home school personnel may make other instructional recommendations.

    Students who are eligible and receiving homebound services, may not report to a place of employment, may not be on school property or attend school-sponsored activates (e.g., school dances, sports games, extracurricular clubs, etc.) during the duration of approved homebound services. Such actions would be the basis for immediate termination of homebound services. The exception to this condition is an approved (by the Homebound Program Specialist, the school building administrator and/or homebound liaison and other essential personnel) reintegration/transition plan or during scheduled district assessments or SOL testing sessions.