Working to Accommodate Students with Disabilities under Section 504

  • Students with disabilities under Section 504 will have access to the same opportunities for learning engagement as general education students. Parents/guardians are encouraged to communicate with their students’ classroom teachers via email for questions and recommendations regarding the application of strategies or accommodations utilized in the school setting that may be beneficial to supporting student engagement with the NPS Learning in Place Plan.

    Section 504 Accommodation Plans or evaluations with due dates occurring during the extended school closure will be scheduled when schools re-open. Parents unable to reach a student’s teacher or access materials and resources related to the NPS Learning in Place Plan should contact the school’s Section 504 Coordinator or Principal. A listing of designated Section 504 Coordinators by school is provided below.

    Thank you for continuing to creatively collaborate with Norfolk Public Schools as we work to provide all students with positive and proactive learning engagement opportunities during this time.

    List of Section 504 Coordinators