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  •  DARS Map Your Future Summer Program

    WHEN:     July 8-10, 2020     WHERE:   Online Interactive Learning Format  FLYER - CLICK HERE

    NOTE:  Unfortunately WWRC has had to cancel their summer youth programs.  However, we still want to offer this program to Deaf students.  We are in the process of redesigning our program so that it can be offered online (live interactive classes) on the same dates.  

    Are you interested and want to register?  Contact: Traci Branch, Statewide DHH Consultant,  Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) 

    Email: Traci.Branch@dars.virgina.gov    Cell: 804-389-5509   VP: 804-616-4838 Dedline for referrals is June 8th 

     COVID-19 Time Capsule - Capture your memories!

    Ling-6 Sound Test

    The Ling 6 sounds represent different speech sounds from low to high pitch (frequency). They help
    to test your child’s hearing and to check that they have access to the full range of speech sounds
    necessary for learning language.