Who is Rethink Ed?

  • Dear Parents & Caregivers,

    We would like to share with you tool that you can access during school closures to support your child’s learning for skills and social emotional learning. The program provides resources to support your own wellness during this difficult time as well as evidenced based resources, strategies and tools for your child to support improving social and emotional wellness , decrease and manage problem behavior and to support learning skills and progress towards IEP goals. The program is called Rethink Ed and is designed to put evidenced based resources and tools in the hands of educators and those working with children/students.

    What will I have access to?

    Your parent login will allow you to access the following features:

    • Online-Video Training Course for Adults-
           o “Introduction to and Applied Behavior Analysis”-Strategies to support learning and behavior management
           o “Social Emotional Learning, Mental Health and Equity”
    • Access to videos, lesson instructions, activities and materials for skills that your child is working on
    • Access to recorded webinars from experts in Special Education, Social Emotional Learning, Psychology and Mental Health on a wide range of topics
    • Strategies and suggestions for at-home social emotional learning activities
    • Many videos and materials in English and Spanish
    • Access to your child’s online activity center to practice basic academic skills and watch Social skills videos (*note-access will depend on skills and videos assigned by district)

How To Register and Navigate the Program

  • How do I register for my own account?

    If you would like a Rethink Ed Account, please follow the steps below:
    1. Click on the link to be taken to registration.
    2. Complete the form in full. Click “register”. (Note: Be patient if the register button is a little slow, its just creating your account in the background!)
    3. Write down the username and password you created so you don’t forget it!
    4. Explore the program

    How do I navigate the program?
    Here are some additional resources to support finding your way around:
    • Navigating your new Rethink Ed Account-Skills Video WATCH ME!
    • Navigating your new Rethink Ed Account-Skills “How To” Guide READ ME!
    • Navigating your new Rethink Ed Account-SEL Video WATCH ME!
    • Navigating your new Rethink Ed Account-SEL “How To” Guide READ ME!

Additional Family Resources

  • Supporting Parents and Caregivers (Click here)

    I’d like to get more support…
    We have launched a free webinar series to support parents and caregivers with distance learning strategies starting the week of March 30th, 2020. To learn more and log in CLICK HERE!
    If you would like additional help or support with your Rethink Ed account, please email support@rethinked.com

    Rethink Ed also provides a large library of lessons for students that are easily adaptable for 1:1 lesson’s in the home. In addition, a wide range of resources are available on our platform to help with managing behavior and building independence such as token systems, schedules, and self-management tools.  Check out our toolkit with archived webinars on the right-hand side and much more.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO

    Yours sincerely,
    Norfolk Public Schools and Rethink Ed Teams