• New Hires
    Receive $250 Bonus when you obtain your CDL Licensure or provide documentation that you have already earned it.

    Receive $250 first-time new hire bonus.

    Receive up to $480 for completing all required CDL training and obtaining your Class B CDL with P & S Endorsements. In addition, you will be reimbursed the $20 fee for the background check.

    Part-Time Hours Available (AM and PM shifts)

    All Drivers
    Receive $750 stipend for additional sanitizing duties.

    All Employees
    Receive $250 bonus for recruiting a school bus driver candidate who successfully completes all required training and is hired full-time.

    Note: The recruiter must be a Norfolk Public Schools employee and cannot be a chief, an executive, or a School Board Member.

    Visit Human Resources / 2022-2023 Salaries & Wages (npsk12.com) for full salary information.

    Applicants may contact the Department of Human Resources at 757-628-3905 for additional information.