• Career Assessment Center

  • The Career Assessment Center (CAC) is designed to help students determine aptitudes and skills, explore work interests, investigate training options, and formulate career plans. This is done through the vocational evaluation process. The vocational evaluation process aids students in developing post-secondary goals, determining and comparing what kind of work they would like to do with what kind of work they are capable of doing. The process further helps to design a plan of action for meeting said goals. This is communicated through a comprehensive report which details the results of work sampling and testing, as well as includes recommendations for specific programs offered in high school and beyond.

    The CAC provides students with a unique and individualized comprehensive, hands-on career exploration of vocational/career readiness and aptitude interventions provided by a certified vocational evaluator. This also includes career surveys, aptitude, and achievement tests and an opportunity to tour programs offered at Norfolk Technical Center.

    Students are referred to the CAC during their second year of high school. Referrals are predominantly initiated by the school’s Transition Advisor (or Designee), but can also be generated through school counselors and/or the student’s special education teacher (case manager). 

    Students travel to Norfolk Technical Center in order to participate in the vocational evaluation process. The evaluation process can range from 1 to 3 days, dependent upon the desired level of services requested for the student.








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