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Granby High School College and Career Center

Granby’s new College and Career Center had its soft opening during Virginia College Application Week (VCAW), November 2021. Over the course of VCAW, students were given the opportunity to apply to colleges/universities and take advantage of application help sessions offered by the Granby school counseling team. In addition, there were a number of colleges/universities conducting onsite admissions during VCAW and many seniors at Granby received onsite admissions to several schools during the week. Other participants in the VCAW activities included various branches of the military who were available to meet with students to discuss military careers and recruitment. The official opening of the Career Center occurred on 12/3/2021 where again, a number of colleges participated in onsite admissions and the local sheriffs department spoke with students about employment opportunities within the department right out of high school.


Granby’s Career Center is open with counselors available for assistance during all lunch shifts every Tuesday and Thursday.


On Site College Acceptance

Acceptance to UMES!