Growth Assessments

  • Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, students in Virginia public schools will take growth assessments in grades 3-8 reading and mathematics as a result of legislation passed in the 2021 Virginia General Assembly.  The Fall 2021 Growth Assessments are computer adaptive tests, shorter than the Standards of Learning tests students will continue to take in the Spring.  

    Full implementation of the legislation will occur in the 2022-2023 school year with assessments in these content areas and grade levels occurring three times during the year: fall, mid-year, and spring. The spring growth assessments will be the regularly occurring Standards of Learning tests.


    Interpreting the Student Detail By Question Report

    The score report that results from completing the Fall 2021 Growth Assessments is called the Student Detail By Question Report or SDBQ Report. School divisions are able to provide the SDBQ Report to families. Please contact your child’s school for access to test results from the Fall 2021 Growth Assessments.

    The following resources are available to assist in the interpretation and use of the SDBQ Report.


    The Virginia Department of Education is now offering families a new method to receive their child's test results. Parents may receive a personalized video to explain their child's SDBQ.  Flyers should be sent home with studnets with log in information.