• Research Approval Process
    Research and data collection within Norfolk Public Schools (NPS) requires district approval

     Thank you for your interest in conducting research in Norfolk Public Schools.
    The Research Authorization Committee (RAC) will review completed applications during the time listed below.

    Proposal Submission Dates
    February – March
    August – October
    November – January

    RAC Review Date

     A completed application includes the following:

    • A completed NPS Application to Conduct Research (see Link below)
    • The first three chapters of the dissertation (if applicable), approved by the dissertation committee
    • Verification of IRB approval
    • Letter of support from NPS staff
    • Proposed schedule
    • Benefit to NPS
    • All instruments that will be administered

    Incomplete applications will be denied and the requestor may resubmit a completed application during the next review process.

    The RAC consists of district employees who review research requests and:

    • Ensure that the proposed research does not interfere with the state-mandated testing schedule
    • Certify that the proposed study does not replicate studies already conducted within NPS
    • Confirm that researchers adhere to all laws & policies governing student, staff, and division privacy
    • Protect instructional time by limiting excessive data collection demands of NPS students and staff
    • Assess the potential of the proposed research to improve educational practices and procedures

    Please read and complete the Norfolk Public Schools Request to Research Request. (Click to Download)