• NPS World Languages Program Mission

    The world in which we live is a melting pot of language, culture, and diversity. Success and relevance in the modern world, both now and in the future, demands quick, critical thought, sensitivity and appreciation of differences, and the ability to successfully interact with people from a wide range of origins. The World Languages program of Norfolk Public Schools endeavors to equip students with skills that will guide them during their time in NPS and beyond. 

    Our mission is to help students develop the literary, cross-cultural, multi-linguistic, and critical thinking skills they need to be successful in a diverse and vibrant world. We strive to inspire and empower students to engage with people from other nations and cultures to solve problems, create solutions, and use their knowledge and skills to become culturally and linguistically proficient global citizens and leaders who use language for academic success, career fulfillment, and personal pleasure.


    NPS World Languages Vision

    Our vision is:

    To be grounded in researched best practices and modern pedagogy

    To ensure access to language courses through equitable practices within schools and at the division level

    To provide world-class instruction that empowers students to develop their skills as intercultural communicators

    To inspire students to be lifelong learners and lovers of culture and language