• All Norfolk Public Schools employees are eligible for free technology training courses from the City of Norfolk. This includes full-time and part-time workers. Essentially, there is no limit to the number of times an individual can take a course.

    Important: Students need to bring their NPS ID Card when coming to class. Security is everyone’s concern and students may need to provide proof they are eligible to be here. If they do not have an ID card, be sure they have their confirmation e-mail for the class they are attending with them, and some form of picture ID.

    What we offer is “training” in that our classes are generally 6½ hours long and seminar style. Some practice of explored application software features and tools is accomplished, but in that short time we are able to introduce students to the application, the real “learning” will take place when students return to their work area and apply what was taught in the seminar class.

    These free classes are conducted either at 401 Monticello Avenue or the Slover Library. Training occurs on the 4th floor of the Granby building or the lower level (LL45) of the library.

    When classes are conducted at the Slover Library, your designated parking location will be the Main Street Garage. Parking for the Granby building will remain at the Bank Street Garage. We will validate parking at both locations***

    For Your Information: The Tide Light Rail stops right in front of the Granby building, at Monticello Station, Monticello Avenue.

    ***To enroll, send request to peter.georges@norfolk.gov or call 664-4536 for additional information.***

    Begin time is 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM

    Any students who cannot be on time, please reschedule. If a special circumstance exists, please call and let us know so that the Instructor won’t close the door and/or give your seat away. We can be reached through the IT Receptionist at 664-4500, and ask for the Training Room where your class is scheduled.

    If they later find they cannot attend, please call to cancel, OR send an alternate who also has completed any prerequisites for that class. Training telephone number: Peter Georges, 664-4536

    ***All classes must have a minimum of 5 students. ***

    Why employees should be encouraged to attend our computer training?

              If you have never attended our computer training, we hope that you will have a change of heart and attend.

              Try it. You may be glad that you did.


    • Well trained employees are less stressed (You know who you are)
    • Computer training teaches you to let the software do the hard work. In other words, “Work smarter not Harder”.
    • Employees will be up to date with the latest software versions
    • If you are in college, our classes will help with your assignments
    • We will come to your location and train if you have five or more people to train
    • We will come and sit with your employees and give them pointers on how to accomplish their current task (Microsoft Office Related Tasks) in a more proficient manner
    • Invest in yourself. Prepares you for higher paying positions that require Computer proficiency
    • You will not have to continually ask your coworkers for help on the computer (You know who you are and your coworkers know who you are)
    • No more having to depend on that one Excel or Access expert in your office
    • No more having to wait for that Excel or Access expert to get back from vacation so that the task can be accomplished
    • If you are that Excel or Access expert, you will have less people asking you for help. This benefits you also.
    • Computer Training can be added to your Resume
    • You don’t have to pay for the computer training. (You don’t even have to leave a tip)
    • You receive a certificate for every class you attend
    • You will not have to call the Help Desk on a regular basis any more
    • Marketability
    • A great way to meet your annual training requirement for your department
    • Morale Improves
    • Proficiency is Increased. In some cases, this will result in a decrease in having to work overtime. This saves the city money.
    • No more having to spend all day doing the task the long or wrong way
    • Well Trained Workforce
    • You can do more with less
    • Increase in Employee’s Confidence. No more having to feel intimidated or uncomfortable because your computer skills were not up to par compared to your coworkers
    • Allows us to become the best trained city in the country
    • The classes are NOT boring

    Training Schedule:

    May 2018 (PDF)

    June 2018 (PDF)