Small, Women and Minority-Owned (SWAM) Businesses

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    In accordance with School Board Policy/Regulation and NPS's Procurement Manual, NPS encourages all employees involved in procurement decisions to solicit from SWAM business suppliers.  NPS is committed to ensuring fair consideration of all suppliers in its day-to-day procurement of services and material.  Providing the opportunity for a wide-range of suppliers provides NPS a competitive edge in acquiring high-quality, low-cost innovative products and services.  Central Purchasing will maximize opportunities to SWAM vendors by utilizing eVA (Virginia's e-Procurement system) which lists Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise (VDMBE) registered SWAM vendors.

    A SWaM vendor is a Small, Women-owned or Minority-owned business that has been certified through the Commonwealth by the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD). Visit for more information.



How to become SWaM certified

  • All qualifying small, women-owned or minority-owned businesses are strongly encouraged to become certified. To become certified as a SWaM business:

    1. Complete the initial certification application and submit required documents online to
    2. The SBSD will then contact you to either request additional documents or provide your SWaM certification number.

    Contact the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD) at 804-786-6585 for further information on the SWaM certification process.

Finding a SWaM vendor

  • Certified SWaM vendors are listed in the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD) database. You can search for a SWaM vendor by company name, NIGP commodity code description, or zip code.

    Vendor Search Guide:

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    2. SBSD Directory
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    5. Other Search

    SWaM Home Page

    • Go to the SBSD website home page located at:
    • On the SBSD home page, scroll down and click on SWaM and DBE Directory.
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