• About the Program

    The Leadership Center for the Sciences and Engineering (LCSE) is a special learning community within Norview High School, geared for high-achieving students participating in a four-year, rigorous curriculum consisting of honors and Advanced Placement courses, with considerable emphasis on math and science. The program culminates with participation in the innovative AP Capstone® Program, during which students complete a senior research project. This experience provides the independent research, collaborative teamwork, and communication skills valued by colleges and future employers. In addition, LCSE students receive two years of formal instruction and training in leadership development and contribute to their school and community through extracurricular involvement and volunteer work.  The overall design of the LCSE program guides students toward possible college degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering, and/or math. However, the ultimate goal is to not only graduate students fully prepared to be successful in college, but also to equip them with the skills necessary to become effective leaders within our communities. 

  • Requirements

    Norview StudentsGeneral Requirements (All high school programs)

    • Rising 9th grader and City of Norfolk resident
    • Positive attendance and discipline history*
    • Strong standardized test scores (must pass all 7th grade SOLs to be considered)
    • At least two positive teacher recommendations (Math, English, and one other. For IB Programme applicants, the 3rd must be a world languages teacher)
    • School counselor recommendation

    *Extenuating circumstances may be considered. The application includes space for explanations of extenuating circumstances, as needed.

    Program-Specific Requirements

    • Minimum “B” average in 7th grade and first two quarters of 8th grade required
    • 1 or more high school math credit(s) - Algebra I (minimum). 2 credits, including Geometry, is preferred
    • 1 high school credit in French or Spanish
    • 1 high school credit in Biology or Earth Science (honors level preferred)
    • Entrance exam and essay (invitations for qualifying students will be sent after the initial online application is reviewed)
      Prior to beginning the program, students must:
    • Meet with Ms. Arroyo to set their schedules (May/June of 2024)
    • Attend 4-day Summer Orientation Camp (mid-August of 2024)