Zoom Video Conferencing Staff FAQs

  • The following questions and answers have been compiled to assist NPS staff in using Zoom video conferencing as a tool in teaching and learning. If you have questions or need assistance, contact your school’s ITRT, the NPS HelpDesk, and/or visit https://zoom.us. Information regarding Zoom support topics are courtesy of Zoom and are located in the Zoom Help Center.

    Zoom FAQs for staff download

  • How do I access Zoom?

  • What is the difference between “schedule a meeting” and “host a meeting?”

  • How do I schedule a meeting (virtual classroom)?

  • What is a meeting ID?

  • How do I secure my meeting?

  • What are the host and co-host controls?

  • How do I use the options to control my virtual meeting?

  • Important note: Zoom frequently updates its app features. Consequently, the Department of Information & Instructional Technology will update this FAQ online , when necessary. Also, a Zoom video conferencing FAQ for parents and students is also posted in the FAQ section of the Coronavirus web page.