• Types of Homebound Instruction

    Continuous/Partial Instruction:

    • Continuous is four consecutive weeks or more.
    • Parents’/guardians’ must request the treating physician/doctor mail an ‘updated’ medical status report every nine weeks to the Homebound Instruction. Instruction may be denied until a medical update can be obtained and student is marked absent.
    • Medical status updates are required to ensure child’s health needs are being served by following a prescribed treatment plan, with the goal of student reentering the school class setting as soon as possible.
    • Partial homebound is for students not medically able to maintain full-time attendance, but able to attend courses at school on a part-time basis.

    Intermittent Instruction:

    • Activated when the student has been absent three consecutive days due to a “documented” medical condition. (6 days: A/B schedule – 3 consecutive classes)
    • Must be coded as excused when the parent calls in absence. If student has excessive absences, schools may require a doctor’s note to verify absences are related to medical diagnosis to continue intermittent services.
    • Intermittent homebound instruction is not valid for undocumented health reasons, school missed for appointments, or inclement weather conditions.

    Home-Based Instruction - services that are delivered in the home setting (or other agreed upon setting) in accordance with the student’s individual education program. Home-Based instruction is provided to students who are removed from school by the division for disciplinary or other reasons. The services provided are consistent with those for homebound students. The primary distinction is that no medical referral is required.All Home-Based instruction requests for students with disabilities for non-medical reasons shall be approved by the Senior Director of Special Education Services or designee. The needs of the student and safety considerations for others must be weighed when making the decision for Home-Based instruction.

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