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    Norfolk Science and Technology for Advanced Research

    NORSTAR applications are due to school counselors by March 25, and received to the Office of Academic Rigor no later than April 1, 2019.

    Applications are being accepted for students interested in participating in the Norfolk Science and Technology for Advanced Research (NORSTAR) program for the 2019-20 school year.

    The Norfolk Science and Technology for Advanced Research (NORSTAR) program has a 25 year rich history of excellence for students. It is a collaboration between the offices of Career and Technical Education and Academic Rigor. NORSTAR is a STEM infused program that nurtures each student’s ability to become leading inventors and innovators of the future. The NORSTAR learning environment empowers each student to develop in-demand knowledge and skills for success within the 21st Century. Through independent or collaborative work, NORSTAR students think creatively and critically to problem solve solutions to real-world challenges. By using emerging technology, students are able to research, design, prototype, and create products or robots for national level competitions, challenges, and events. This process allows students to be facilitators of learning and leading with peers. NORSTAR students make a difference within the global community as change-makers who work to create real solutions to real needs.

    The NORSTAR program staff consists of dedicated teachers who are knowledgeable within the fields related to STEM. This includes, but is not limited to, core content disciplines, career and technical education, and robotics. In addition, the program has a wealth of business, higher education, and industry partners who serve as advisors to the program and mentors for the students.

    Academics and Scheduling
    NORSTAR is located at the Norfolk Technical Center and transportation is provided for all participants. Once a student is accepted, they are a member of NORSTAR for their entire high school experience. The unique format of the NORSTAR experience allows students to attend other advanced specialty programs, as well as, participate in NORSTAR. The students also have an opportunity to participate in athletics and activities based at their high school. A NORSTAR student attends their regular classes at their home school and will also be scheduled for the NORSTAR program for two instructional blocks every other day. This includes one block at the end of the school day and one afterschool (twilight) block, 12:50 p.m. – 3:50 p.m. Students are eligible to receive high school credit that may be used towards graduation. When needed, students may opt to make arrangements to spend additional time at NORSTAR as they prepare for national specialty competitions and events. 

    Application/Admission Process
    NORSTAR applicants are highly talented, highly motivated students who are advanced STEM learners. Applicants are rising 9th - 10th   grade students who will attend a Norfolk Public School in the fall of the upcoming school year.  Application packages are available on the Norfolk Public Schools’ website and within the school counseling office at each middle and high school. Part of the admission’s process entails a student interview. All new students who enroll within the program participate in a three day summer orientation session.      

    NORSTAR students are shaping the future one invention, innovation, and creation at a time.


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