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    Our Vision

    All students receive their best learning opportunities through teachers who are experiencing their best teaching opportunities because of the support, resources, and increased skills that they receive from the leadership of Azalea Gardens Middle School and Norfolk Public Schools.

    All administrators, teachers, and staff have high expectations for the success of all students, being committed to the idea and philosophy that all students, through their teachers’ support and guidance, will improve their learning and achieve at high levels, ALL meaning ALL.

    All members of the Azalea Gardens Middle School family will know that they are a part of a family of high expectancy, high loyalty, high commitment, high resiliency, and high energy where the best is expected from everyone and the best is given to everyone.


    Our Mission

    It is the mission of Azalea Gardens Middle School to provide all students with the best learning opportunities and resources possible. This we do in order to develop their best academic and interpersonal skills which will enable them to attain their highest potential in the pursuit of excellence as they transition to high school and beyond.

    In attainment of this mission we will increase academic achievement of all students by raising the floor and the ceiling, having great emphasis on the raising of the floor in order to close the achievement gaps among the learners.

    Ensuring that all students, through a powerfully positive mindset, increase and maximize their academic achievement, we are developing students who will continue their lifelong learning in this proudly diverse community and all over the world.


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  • Dr. James Kirk, Principal

    7721 Azalea Garden Road
    Norfolk, VA. 23518

    Email Address:

    Phone: (757) 531-3000
    Fax: (757) 531-3013


    Office Hours: The office is now open from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Walk-ins are accepted and appointments are no longer required.

    You may also call (757) 531-3000 during these hours as well. Or you can email me or the assistant principal, Mrs. Frank.

    Dr. Kirk, Principal:  

    Mrs. Frank, Assistant Principal:


    Social distancing and face coverings required.