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    Instructional Focus Statement: All students at W.H. Taylor Elementary will demonstrate comprehension of text using Summarizing, Organization Strategies, Active Engagement and Sustained Reading.


    W.H. Taylor Focused School Initiative


    Smart-e Goal:

    100% of the students at W.H. Taylor Elementary will demonstrate growth of one year or more in their ability to comprehend text. Growth in comprehension will be monitored and measured in grades PREK-1 using informal running records and the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA). Growth in comprehension will be monitored and measured in grades 2-5 using the STAR Assessment.

  • Principal's Weekly Message: January 22, 2021


    Good Evening Learning Coaches aka Parent/Guardians,

    It's time for our midyear Learning Coach Check Up.  I know you are all working hard during these unprecedented times.  I also recognize that our students are becoming overwhelmed with new instructional content and Zoom fatigue.  We've all come so far, please don't let your student give up on us now.  To help us stay on track, please take a moment to consider the following:

    1.  Is your child logging into his/her Zoom class every day on time? 

    2.  Is your child attending their Art, Music, PE, Guidance, and Media classes?  If your child had a blank grade for resources on their report card/progress reports, this is because your student isn't reporting to class on a regular basis. 

    3.  Is your child turning on his/her camera and responding to their teacher?  Students are turning off cameras and turning down the volume.  Please do a technology check up on your child's devices. If something isn't working correctly, please let us know. 

    4.  Are all distractions removed from your child's learning environment?  We have several students who are watching TV, playing with cell phones, playing video games, lying in bed, walking around the house, and chatting to family members, siblings and friends around them during instruction.  Please do what you can to minimize all distractions.  

    5.  Is your child submitting their work to the teacher?  A failing/poor grade, is usually the result of missing assignments.  

    6.  Do we have your correct address and phone number?  If you aren't getting mailings from the school, it could be that we don't have the correct address, please call us at 628-2525 to verify your current address and contact information.  

    We are in this together.  We miss our students and we wish we could be teaching in person.  Please don't let up on your support!  We appreciate our families and their continuous commitment.  If you have concerns or questions about your child's progress, please schedule a conference with your child's teacher. We are here to support you.  


    • A new quarter means another pick up schedule for new learning materials.  Stay tuned for more information.
    • Wednesday, 1/27, Parent to Parent Workshop on Time Management for Kids @ 2pm.  See the flyer under the School News section below.
    • Thursday, 1/28, PTA VIRTUAL GAME NIGHT at 6:30pm. Zoom invite will be sent next week. 
    • Friday, 1/29, Quarter 2 Closes, Teacher Work Day.  No ZOOM meetings. 
    • Friday, 1/29, End of Elementary National Honors Society Hats, Gloves, Mittens, and Scarves Drive. The drop off box is in our Lobby.
    • Deadline for 6th Grade Specialty Program Applications has been extended to 1/29/2021


    As always, thank you for your continuous support. Have a wonderful weekend.   


    Your OWL Partner in Education,

    Mrs. Feliton 

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