About the Rocket Band

  • Azalea Gardens Middle School band is rooted in a rich band history dating back to the opening of the school. The high standards established then are maintained now and students are consistently pushed to do their best.

    At Azalea Gardens Middle School, band is an elective course, which meets for 90 minutes every othe day.  The bands are divided by grade levels and offer: 6th grade Beginning band, 7th grade Intermediate Band, and the 8th grade Advanced Band. After completion of 6th grade band students are eligible to audition for the 7th grade percussion ensemble.

    Students begin their band experience in 6th grade band where they start to learn their instrument. As they continue on in 7th and 8th grade they grow in ability and opportunity. The band students will have several performance opportunities throughout the year; including: playing for community events, band festivals, and honor ensembles.