• Our mission is to "Raise the Bar" so that ALL students will be well prepared for college and the world of work. This will be accomplished through rigor, relevance and relationships between all Granby stakeholders.


    Our Instructional Focus Statement

    At Granby High School, we will improve students' critical thinking skills through use of Kagan and cooperative learning strategies with JIGSAW, FISHBONE, and RECIPROCAL TEACHING as high yield strategies.


    Goal Setting for Success in ALL Classes

    Students should maintain unit test Growth and Reflection Charts in each class to track their progress and to set learning goals.

    Literacy Focus

    Every student should engage in writing and focused and/or sustained silent reading activities on a daily basis in every class, every day, no exceptions.

    Smarte Goal 

    Every student will participate in Kagan/cooperative learning strategies every day, in every classroom, no exceptions.


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    Have no doubt!

    Figure it out!


    As a Professional Learning Community We Value. . .

    Relationships. . .

    • Honest Communication, empathy, and mutual respect

    Equality. . .

    • Opportunities for success for everyone

    Safety and Security. . .

    • A physically safe and emotionally secure environment

    Pride and Professionalism. . .

    • Collegiality, dependability, and selflessness

    Ethics. . .

    • High Standards of honesty and integrity

    Community. . .

    • Combined efforts to educate our students

    Teamwork. . .

    • Collaboration for student success





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  • Dr. Lynnell Gibson, Principal

    7101 Granby St.
    Norfolk, VA. 23505

    Phone: (757) 451-4110
    Fax: (757) 451-4118

    Regular Office Hours: 7:00am - 3:00pm, Monday - through Friday
    Student Hours: 7:25am - 2:05pm