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    Our mission is to "Raise the Bar" so that ALL students will be well prepared for college and the world of work. This will be accomplished through rigor, relevance, and relationships between all Granby stakeholders.



    Schoolwide Instructional Focus:
    Student Engagement 

    Instructional Focus Statement:
    Stakeholders at Granby High School will collaborate to ensure that all students receive engaging and challenging academic experiences, aligned to subject-specific standards.  Student progress will be measured daily through engaging activities, strategic writing tasks, and/or effective communication and justification of answers to help improve critical thinking. 

    Student Statement:
    As Granby Comets we take an active role in our learning so we will reach our full potential. 

    SMARTe Goal:
    By the end of the 2020-2021 school year, ALL Granby students will show at least a 10% growth in critical thinking and communication skills as measured by local, state, and program-specific assessments. Additionally, by focusing on student engagement, chronic absenteeism and dropout rates will improve by one level as measured by the VDOE accreditation system.

    Instructional Leadership Team:
    Kim Baylor - Health & Physical Education Department Chair
    Mike Crespo - CTE Department Chair
    Eddie Dowe - English Department Chair
    Rebecca Gardner - IB Coordinator
    Lisa Hillian - Assistant Principal
    Rob Lemieux - Social Studies Department Chair
    Sharon McCarley - Science Department Chair
    Marie Mileur - Assistant Principal
    Phyllis Patton - School Counseling Department Chair
    Deb Self - Assistant Principal
    Donna Shahan - World Languages Department Chair
    Sam Simmons - Math Department Chair
    Kim Singleton - Graduation Coach
    Tommy Smigiel - Principal
    April Taylor-Martin - Arts Department Chair
    Anna Wactor - Students With Disabilities Department Chair
    Lisa Ward - Library Department Chair

    The ILT currently meets monthly as a whole group, and works individually within departments once a month.