• 2020-2021 Granby High School Clubs and Organizations

    Clubs and Organizations are beginning the school year virtually.  Please contact the sponsor or advisor to get the Zoom links for upcoming meetings.

    3D Printing Club (Marija Raskovic)  - Tuesdays

    Academic Challenge Club (Rob Lemieux) - Wednesdays

    Archery (Kim Baylor) - Starts After Spring Break

    Astrology Club (Rebecca Gardner) - 3rd Wednesday of Each Month

    Color Giard (Traci Gay) - TBA

    Community Volunteer Club (Bryan Quanty) - First Monday of Each Month (Starts October 5th)

    Computer Science Honor Society (Michael Crespo) - Last Wednesday of Every Month Starting in October

    Cupola Literary Magazine (Eddie Dowe) - 4th Wednesday of Each Month

    DECA (Reginald Thorne) - 1st and 3rd Tuesday of Each Month

    English as a Second Language/International Club (Heide Bojadad-Johnson/Judyliz Diaz) - Schedule Coming Soon

    Engineering Club - After School (David Wood) - Every Monday

    Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) (Alfred Rawls) - Tuesday and some Thursday Afternoons

    French Club (Kristina Villaneuva) - 3rd Thursday of Each Month

    French Honor Society (Kristina Villaneuva)  - 3rd Wednesday of Each Month

    Freshman Class/Class of 2024 (Jonathan Fay) - TBA

    Future Business Leaders of America (Robert Simmons) - 2nd Wednesday of Each Month

    Future Problem Solving (Marija Raskovic) - Mondays

    Granby Crew (Paul Coslick) - 1630-1830 Every Weekday

    Granby Go Green (Andrew Foor) - Every Other Wednesday, Starting September 23rd

    Junior Class/Class of 2022 (Sue Brunner) - 1st Wednesday of Each Month

    Latin Club (Mary Anna White) - 1st and 3rd Friday of Each Month

    Marching Comets (Joshua Stone) - Typically Monday-Friday

    Mentoring/Peer Mediation/Leadership (Ed Allison) - 2nd Monday of Each Month

    Model United Nations (Kim Walsh) - Every Other Wednesday Starting 9/30 and Select Thursdays

    National Art Society (Ann Geraci) - First Tuesday of Each Month

    National Honor Society (Lisa Franklin) - 2nd Wednesday of Each Month

    ROTC (Jerome Ferrette) - 1st Tuesday of Each Month

    Senior Class/Class of 2021 (Terri Ellis) - Tuesdays at 3:00pm

    Sophomore Class/Class of 2023 (Kristina Villaneuva) - First Meeting - October 10/7 

    Student Council Association (SCA) (Joceyln Carter) - Every Wednesday

    Technology Student Association (TSA) (Anchu Tom) - Every other Wednesday starting September 23rd

    Yearbook (Jennifer Waters) - Actual Class But Please Contact Sponsor if You Wish to Volunteer

    Young Democrats (Mary Anna White) - 1st Monday of Every Month