Library Media Specialist Services

  • Library Media Specialist Services

    I can provide instruction

    • book talks 
    • reading guidance 
    • information literacy instruction
      • organization of both print and electronic information
      • electronic searching of available catalogs and databases
      • appreciation of information and literature 
      • determining the most appropriate information sources for the task
      • determining information relevance for the task
      • note-taking
      • bibliographies
      • the research process
      • evaluation of one's research process
      • evaluation of web sites' authority and accuracy
      • reference skills (especially to verify web site accuracy),
      • technology instruction, and more... 

    I want to partner with you in planning, designing curriculum, teaching, and assessing students' work.

    • Do you have a new unit coming up?
    • Do you have a unit that needs a change and more student involvement?
    • Do you need a topic bibliography?
    • Are you wondering how much to expect of students when researching?
    • Are students citing their sources appropriately when they research?

    Information Specialist
    I select material and manage collection development and cataloging, and can help you find:

    • book reviews
    • outstanding books
    • sources for purchase for student research on a given topic
    • articles or other resources for your professional development
    • sources for curricular planning
    • appropriate online databases and websites